The Jack Raine Foundation is a UK charity supporting children and young adults, their families and guardians.



Children and young people are vulnerable to risks from poor choice friendships or  relationships, circumstance, social media and online safety while dealing with every day pressures…….. it can all get a little too much.


We have based our philosophy on using positive activities as a tool of engagement to offer advice or mentoring to help them understand, seek advice, give them support and keep them safe.

What we do

Early Intervention: To help in the prevention of children and young people becoming victims of coerced circumstance, abuse or crime and help them make positive lifestyle and relationship choices.


Positive Activities: Using sport, art, dance, music, media or outdoor pursuits and adventure to deliver a positive message of social and lifestyle choices that can affect a young person’s short and long term future.


Workshops on: Healthy Relationships, Coercion / Exploitation, Online and Social Media Safety.

  • In this short film Dr Helen Beckett provides an accessible overview of the key facts about child sexual exploitation, drawing on research from the ‘International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking’ at the University of Bedfordshire.

  • For more information visit: http://www.beds.ac.uk/ic/films


Punches in Bunches (for girls) and Below the Belt (for boys) a healthy relationship sports programme based around boxing. The six workshops are delivered in four parts: physical, information, discussion and feedback. Topics include: Relationships, Social Media Safety, Image Taking & Sharing, Grooming & Coercion, Pornography & Sexual Violence, Sex & The Law / Where to get help.


We’re in Your Corner a “big sister” mentoring programme to support children and young people while accessing statutory support services. We're in your corner offers an additional layer of support and transitional pathways.


Hand Wraps and Advocates is a healthy relationship initiative delivered in sports clubs to young people to help them understand what a healthy, safe and respectful relationship is. Hand Wraps and Advocates is delivered by sports coaches and young advocates.

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